There are so many reasons to love the month of April! Make sure you mark these days on your calendar to celebrate this month! We’ve included some of our favorite April recipes too!

April 1st – April Fool’s
A few harmless April Fool’s jokes you can use on your roommates 
• Swap cereal bags in different boxes
• Put a few drops of food coloring on a toothbrush
• Replace an Oreo cookie (or an cookie) with toothpaste
• Hard boil eggs and put them in egg carton
• Put a piece of cling wrap under a shampoo bottle, so it won’t pour out
April 2nd – PB and Jelly Day
April 12th- Grilled Cheese Day
Our top 5 favorite grilled cheese recipes:
• Bacon Avocado Grilled cheese -
• Pizza Grilled Cheese -
• Hawaiian Grilled Cheese -
• Grilled Mac and Cheese – Grilled Cheese -
• Taco Grilled Cheese -
April 20th – Pineapple Cake Day
April 22nd – Earth Day